At Pump House we believe in protecting our customers interests when it comes to supplying you with our products. When you purchase one of our support systems you will automatically receive a standard 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. However, we have gone one step further as we are passionate about the quality of the product we sell. As a result, an ‘enhanced’ 20 YEAR WARRANTY is now available on all items that meet our system objectives and guidelines as set out below:


  • We design the solution following equipment criteria being forwarded to us via the customer e.g. weight, dimensions, manufacturers’ drawing, etc.
  • You advise us of any vulnerable site conditions, e.g. exposed location, positioned upon high storey building, coastal position etc. prior to a design being produced so we can factor this into our proposal.
  • You advise us of the roofing system build-up, i.e. waterproofing membrane, insulation and deck type?
  • The equipment is installed accurately and in accordance to our detailed drawing proposal, (e.g. post installation photos of the frame supporting the unit will suffice).
  • There is still allowance for future adjustment within the leg assemblies via the M24 stud being visible, and the intended frame height has not been compromised in any way.
  • No additional building services have been added to the framework.
    The installer has not damaged the galvanised coating finish to our frame(s) whilst installing due to rough handling or cutting.
  • No alteration, cutting or adaptation of our support solutions has been done.

Once you have fulfilled these guidelines and submitted photographic evidence of the installation, we will issue the end user/building owner with a 20 year warranty certificate commencing from the original date of installation.

After Sales Support

We’ve even work with the end user or building owner well after the installation is complete to advise and assist them with any future re-roofing or maintenance issues to their roof where they have our support frames in situ. We are also able to supply operation & maintenance (O&M) manuals to assist and advise them in the carrying out of basic annual or periodic inspections of our systems.

We have an excellent understanding of modern day flat roof designs and the materials used within them to gain the water-proofing integrity and thermal efficiency. Therefore we are able to advise the end user or building owner of the best practice when re-installing our solutions should the existing roofing build-up be replaced with an alternative roofing system.

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