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Design: We will provide you with a fully integrated design service. We hold an extensive library of standard drawings ready for insertion within specification documentation & drawings. If necessary, we can visit you to discuss your project particulars and assist you in a workable solution, even if its a bespoke one.

Surveying: Some site conditions are complicated due to existing in-situ building services that new
equipment has to fit around, or existing concrete plinths dictating the design parameters, for example. As a result, we offer full site support services, whether its a rooftop meeting with you to determine the scope of works, or a complete detailed site survey of the roof area to ensure we can provide you with a workable solution, rest assured help is at hand.

Calculations: If necessary, we will work closely with the structural consultant and structural
engineer early on in the project’s lifecycle to demonstrate our proposals by providing estimates
ahead of the installation date. We can provide wind loading and frame calculations such as
leg reactions and foot pressures to assist in a manageable proposal.

Flexible: All our systems are available in different lengths, widths, and heights to provide a fully
compliant solution. Also, we can supply low-level support near the roof membrane, or a diagonally braced high-level framework. Whichever is required, we will ensure a suitable and safe support solution can be provided on the day.

Confidence: Specify with confidence by relying on the knowledge that our specialist team have
over 23 years of experience in the use of non-invasive hot dip galvanised support systems
for M&E building services, and the roofing systems they sit upon.

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We assist

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