Supporting electrical containment, small F&R pipework and single fan A/C units

>>> Specification

Pump House offers a range of flat packed brackets, the Type 1 bracket has uprights and mounts directly onto the wall. Type 2 comes with a crossbar so that uprights can be spaced exactly as required. The integral spirit level makes installation easier. Type 3 brackets have a unique interlocking mechanism enabling the arms to be joined in a matter of seconds.

For improved corrosion resistance all metal receives a 100% zinc plating, followed by a hard ED coating, before being finished with an external grade polyester textured powder coating in RAL 7032.

>>> Features & Benefits

Adjustable wall spacers to level the arms
Safe working load up to 250kg
Suitable to match most brands of condensing units and domestic air source heat pumps
Extra long arms (up to 1 metre available for larger condensing units)
Textured finish in (RAL 7032)

>>> Weather-resistant

Sea salts are very corrosive and affect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Coastal installations are particularly at risk as they are frequently exposed to sea salt solutions followed by dry periods, where wet, dry cycle produces a very corrosive environment. We strongly recommend that in such locations only our stainless steel brackets are installed.

Code Size Description Crossbar mm Upright mm Support Arm mm Safe Working Load Max Load Weight
CBR1-S S Type 1 Bracket - 450 480 60kg 120kg 3.6kg
CBR1-M M Type 1 Bracket - 500 530 90kg 180kg 4.6kg
CBR1-L L Type 1 Bracket - 550 580 140kg 280kg 4.7kg
CBR1-XL XL Type 1 Bracket - 550 660 250kg 500kg 8.8kg
CBR1-XXL XXL Type 1 Bracket - 550 1000 250kg 500kg 11kg
CBR2-S S Type 2 Bracket 720 400 400 60kg 120kg 3.8kg
CBR2-M M Type 2 Bracket 900 500 500 90kg 180kg 4.6kg
CBR2-L L Type 2 Bracket 1100 550 540 140kg 280kg 6.6kg
CBR2-XL XL Type 2 Bracket 1040 550 660 250kg 500kg 16.2kg
CBR2-M-SS M Type 2 Stainless Steel Bracket 900 500 500 90kg 180kg 4.6kg
CBR2-L-SS L Type 2 Stainless Steel Bracket 1040 550 540 140kg 280kg 6.7kg
CBR2-XL-SS XL Type 2 Stainless Steel Bracket 1040 550 660 160kg 280kg 16.3kg
CBR2-EL S Type 2 Economy Bracket 780 365 550 60kg 120kg 3.7kg
CBR3-M M Type 3 Bracket 900 500 500 90kg 180kg 6.8kg
CBR3-L L Type 3 Bracket 1040 550 540 140kg 280kg 8.3kg

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