Air Conditioning Modular Support Frames for A/C Splits

>>> Features & Benefits

Non-penetrative support
Flexible design to accommodate late design changes
Fast and simple installation
Hot dip galvanised frameworks
No time-consuming clamping kits required, crossbars are industry standard strut fix
Full AutoCAD drawing support
Load management and wind calculations available
Full on-site support and surveying services
Available as a standard 320mm square foot or 500mm option for heavy duty applications

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>>> Specification

These versatile free-standing frameworks are supplied boxed and come with fully adjustable leg assemblies with 320mm square black polypropylene feet as standard*, incorporating anti-vibration rubber mats adhered to the underside. Robust 40 x 40mm standard box end bars are 3mm thick and leg assemblies can slide to many positions. Industry standard strut cross bars negated the requirements of time-consuming clamping kits as sprung washers and associated M10 fixings are supplied with all frameworks. For more substantial services, please visit our ‘FLEXI Heavy’ range.

*500mm square foot option for heavy duty applications

Part Code Description Length Width Min. Height Max. Height Safe Working Load Weight
PH-BF-B Flexi Base Frame 1200mm 1200mm 300mm 405mm 500kg 30kg
PH-EF-B Flexi Extender Frame 1200mm 1200mm 300mm 405mm 500kg 24kg

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